An Interview with 3D Artist Jarlan Perez

It's not every day that we see a render that gives us a pause, wondering if we're seeing a photo from an alien world. Jarlan's work had that effect, though. Come take a look for yourself!

Deserts of Kharak Collector’s Edition Art

We got our hands on the Polish Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak Collector's Edition which contains never before seen art and other goodies – I’ve taken photos from the art book up for your viewing pleasure.

The Art of Col Price


Col Price is a UK-based sci-fi artist. He’s worked on everything from Battlefield to Wipeout, but we contacted him because of his spaceships. Cole’s sense of scale and attention to detail is insane!

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak Wallpaper Pack

We’ve made eight wallpapers from Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, showing off the gorgeous art the Blackbird team has created, with a tiny bit of tweaking on our end. Hope you enjoy, come and get them!

The Art of Germàn Impache


Italian born concept artist and model maker Germàn Impache brings your science fiction fantasies to life with his collection of intricate models of iconic craft, weapons, characters and concept art!

Getting Around The Homeworld

Let's take a look at how this franchise has evolved in terms of its design philosophy of the units and ships of the Kushan from game to game, and how each stage has its own unique aesthetics and visual cues

La Planète Sauvage – A Cinema of Symbols

A mixture of Salvador Dali and Terry Gilliam? In a version with slavery, death and floating heads await! Step into the disorienting and surrealistic vision that is René Laloux' "Fantastic Planet," allegorical film!

An Interview With Brennan Massicotte

I sit down with Brennan Massicotte, Art Director at Blackbird Interactive and Concept Artist for Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak. Find out what he has to say about working as an artist & his experience with Homeworld.

Homeworld LEGO Awesomeness

We are about to present you some of the breathtaking Homeworld LEGO models that will transport you back to your childhood! If you love building Homeworld LEGO models yourself, you might find some inspiration in the amazing work of our artists.

The Art of Alex Ries

A review of the science fiction concept art created by Alex Ries.

The Layman’s Guide to the History of Hiigara

A little bit of Homeworld 101. The next time your friends start squinting when you try to explain them the basics of Homeworld, and why this game is the best ever, just share this content with them. Problem solved.

Custom Homeworld Inspired Wallpaper by Julian Schlottman (in 4k!)

Game artist Julian Schlottman's awesome Homeworld-inspired wallpaper.  Check it out!

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