A Brief Overload Update

We bring you what we know so far of Overload, the 6DoF game in the works by the creators of the original Descent titles. Concept art and developer Q&A video included, plus great news on the soundtrack!

Game Design Part 2 – Balance

The second part in my series, here’s a bit more on game design with focus 'balance' in games. What is game balance, and how realistic is it? Should balance be a primary focus in multiplayer gaming?

Sublevel Zero: Pure Art

Indie developer Sigtrap Games’ debut title, Sublevel Zero, belongs not just on your hard drive but in an art museum; because Sublevel Zero is a work of art. We bring you the review and a Lets Play video along with the world record speedrun!

Let’s Play Overload

Revival Productions, the studio behind Overload and comprised of former creators of Descent, has nailed the feel of the original Descent games, and possibly improved upon them. It’s everything I want it to be, and more.

Prepare for Overload

The creators of Descent present a new 6DoF shooter, OVERLOAD. Revival Productions continues where Parallax left off, creating an all-new single-player game with the look & feel of Descent. Check it out!

Descent: Welcome to the Underground

The grapevine has been strangely quiet these days, as the onslaught of the new Descent Underground slowly approaches in March 2016. In order to get some much needed boost of hype, the best source of info is the Descendent Studios dev team!

Sublevel Zero: Gimme the Loot

The Sublevel Zero is intended for hard core, experienced fans of the genre. If you cannot relate to the 8bit music and rougelike adventures - this is probably not the game that you are looking for. Go play Minecraft.

Descent: Removed from GOG

GOG had to remove Descent 1,2 and 3 from its catalog, and although the DRM-free platform allows gamers to keep their progress intact, purchasing a new copy is currently not possible. Don't despair, Descent: Underground is still available.

Descent: Underground

FoH has gone Underground! Enjoy beautiful in-game eye candy of Descent: Underground, get on board with the early access and support the developers!

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