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Stardust Galaxy Warriors Review

It's long time overdue to share our thoughts about Stardust Galaxy Warriors, a bullet hell, atmospheric co-op with an awesome gameplay. I mean, mechs with guns in space? What's not to love about that?

Preview: Galactic Echoes

Before it's official release, check out our inside preview of Galactic Echoes, an amazing story-driven space puzzle game that keeps you wanting more. Available for PC, iOS, Android, and more soon!

Dead Star Review

Dead Star is a multiplayer team based twin stick space shooter from Armature Studios that I followed for months during development, and have been playing since release - but sadly, I can't recommend it

Moonshot Free Weekend!

Come play Moonshot for free this weekend! Moonshot is like worms in space, a trajectory-based shooter with a twist. In celebration of their online matchmaking, everyone can play for free this weekend!

Quasar: A Procedurally Generated Bullet Hell

Inspired by Space Wars and Asteroids (the very first space games), Quasar, a unique, indie, procedurally generated 2.5D bullet hell with eSport aspirations is on Kickstarter and needs your funding!

The Red Solstice Review

The Red Solstice is a tactical, top down shooter where you control a marine fighting aliens on Mars. Featuring a single player campaign and an 8-player co-op, you definitely have to work for your kills!

A First Look at Superverse

I'm excited about Superverse, a 2D arcade shooter with multiple twists! Jump between universes with varying physics, and enjoy the visual of a 3D environment while progressing in one of multiple ships!

Bullet Hell Showcase: 6 Shootemups under $6

My dad was hooked on Space Invaders and Galaga all of his life and he never let me play. This trauma is the reason why I'm into Bullet Hell titles today. If you have $6 to spare then you are good to go!

Dimension Drive: Not Your Average Bullet Hell

David Jimenez and Alejandro Santiago, founders of the 2 Awesome Studios, and two full time Space Agency engineers are about to release a teeth kicking 2D bullet hell puzzle called Dimension Drive with spiffy art!

GALAK-Z: 2D Space Shooter Masterpiece

One of the most astonishing 2D space games we ever had a chance to play, Galak-Z is powered by AI system that will have you stuck on stupid for days. 17_Bit built this masterpiece inspired by Anime from 70s and 80s.

3 Space Web Games to Pass the Time

Take a look at three space games you can find and play online, for free! Support indie developers and temporarily cure boredom with this short but sweet selection of space extraordinaire – links included!

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