Homeworld LEGO Awesomeness

Raise your hand if you don’t like LEGOs! The fact that I’m not seeing any hands has hardly anything to do with the fact that I can’t see you from this side of the screen, but solely because everyone likes Legos.

Now raise your hand if you don’t like Homeworld! Trick! You better think again, coming in my house raising that hand of yours!

Now raise your hand if you don’t like Homeworld LEGO built models of ships! Point proven, everyone loves the combination of the aforementioned two, and the lucky ones already own a child and have a valid excuse to invest a serious amount of time in building Baserunners while waiting for the Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak! (Only 20 days left!).

If you’ve built a Homeworld LEGO model yourself, please leave a comment with an image down below, I would love to see it and possibly feel better about my own. However, we are about to present you some of the breathtaking models that will transport you back to your childhood, wishing that you can punch that kid on the nose, grab the toy and smash it on the ground. Although you would never do that because you love Homeworld and respect it too much.

Without further ado, let’s all bask in the wonderful work of Dorian Glacet and Tim Schwalfenberg.

Homeworld LEGO Masters and Fans

Although we know very little about Dorian Glacet, apart from that he’s coming from France, the entire FoH staff is following this talented individual on Flickr and if you like LEGOs then you should do so as well.

Since we are not going to share every step of the process how he built this wonderful Pride of Hiigara model, do check his flckr account. In the meantime bask in the glory of this guys endless patience and creativity.

This Vaygr battlecruiser looks utterly awesome as well!

homeworld lego
homeworld lego vc

Speaking of Vaygr battlecruisers, another extremely talented HW fan, and an obvious LEGO master, Tim Schwalfenberg, built this astonishing model that all of us would love to get their hands on. Apparently, Tim worked for a full week on this model and has no idea how many pieces are in there. This is quite an impressive piece.

Homeworld LEGO Vaygr Battlecruiser Side Profile

homeworld lego vc tim1

Although the guys from LEGO still don’t see a valid opportunity for a serious profit in pushing a Homeworld LEGO series, one can certainly hope that we will get the opportunity to purchase an official HW model one day. This far there are only 240 supporters  of this idea, and even though the chances are pretty slim you can back this  project if you have a minute to do so, and maybe we will get someones attention. Be honest, wouldn’t you love to own an official Lego set of Pride of Hiigara Mothership? I know I would.  There is also an official thread on the Gearbox forum if you want to discuss this subject further. You can find some pretty comprehensive tutorials posted there. So if you are looking for instructions on how to build your own Bentusi from scratch, here is the source that you are looking for. Among dozens of awesome models, I have to give credit to two designers in particular for doing some really awesome work.

by Curtydc

And, for the very end, here comes the astonishing work from Ryan Olsen, a true LEGO Master. Follow this dude on flickr and find out how you can build this amazing Battlecruiser yourself.  Finally, check out our interview with Homeworld LEGO modeler Tim Schwalfenberg! And if you have some Lego models of your own, drop us a line and let us promote your work.

George is an avid blogger, a fiction writer in his own spare time, a content marketer during the day and a manager of the FoH website. A book nut, a movie nut and everything space nut, who loves to talk about himself in third person. He's awesome.

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