Damjan Malbasic

I am a security policy expert, working as the Fundraising Coordinator at the Belgrade Security Forum. I have been in love with computer games and writing since I was a kid, when I started writing my first sci-fi short stories about aliens. I am a war nerd, a gun nut and a pacifist. Go figure.

The Unbelievable Story of The Vagabond of Limbo

Created by Julio Ribera and Christian Goddard in the ‘70s Paris, The Vagabond of Limbo represents a meta-space opera that echoes in wartime childhood memories of its authors, a need to escape the horror of reality.

EVE Valkyrie: Before it goes Live

CCP’s next AAA title, EVE Valkyrie has, at this point – all. Including Oculus Rift support. Is it going to be a revolutionary, genre-bending title? I hope so, but there are caveats like microtransactions & barriers…

Space: 1999 – A Different Space Opera

Even though Space: 1999 is not loved by everybody, it's a fantastic show to be inspired by. Imagine Star Trek on uppers. Made by Sylvia and Gerry Anderson, the show was the most expensive TV series produced by the Brits up to that time.

Aliens Among Us: Sci-Fi and Ideology

One of the recurring themes in science fiction since the fifties was the idea that aliens might somehow be among us, controlling us from within, rather than coming in badass spaceships and pew-pewing everything in their way.

Descent: Welcome to the Underground

The grapevine has been strangely quiet these days, as the onslaught of the new Descent Underground slowly approaches in March 2016. In order to get some much needed boost of hype, the best source of info is the Descendent Studios dev team!

Solaris: If a Planet Could Speak

One of the reasons Lem kicks ass is because he approaches science fiction first with a love for science foremost, and his wit often leaves you with a sense of bitterness over how strange the human condition is.

La Planète Sauvage – A Cinema of Symbols

A mixture of Salvador Dali and Terry Gilliam? In a version with slavery, death and floating heads await! Step into the disorienting and surrealistic vision that is René Laloux' "Fantastic Planet," allegorical film!

The Absolute Force of Gravity: Black Holes

Recent discoveries showed that there is one “local” super-massive black hole located in our galaxy in a region known as Sagittarius A*. Fortunately, it is said that it’s pretty far away from us so we don’t have to worry… yet.

The WTF star, or how the aliens broke the internet

Aliens or not, the ground based Very Large Array Radio Telescope and Green Bank Telescope are to point their cross-hairs at WTF and try to get more data for analysis. All that is left is to do is wait for the media beast to jump on its’ next prey and wait for the results to come in.

Life on a Space Station

Living on a space station worth billions sure sounds attractive, but it requires a lot of getting used to! Find out how astronauts describe this extraordinary experience!

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