Sublevel Zero: Pure Art

Indie developer Sigtrap Games’ debut title, Sublevel Zero, belongs not just on your hard drive but in an art museum; because Sublevel Zero is a work of art. We bring you the review and a Lets Play video along with the world record speedrun!

No Man’s Sky: Our Version of Space

No Man's Sky is about to drop - In 3 months that is. We have nothing smart to share except join the hype and wait for June 21st. You can pre-purchase on Steam, buy tin toy-style replica and even the soundtrack on vinyl.

Limit Theory’s Josh Parnell Returns!

Limit Theory's Josh Parnell returns after months of absence - thankfully!  Link to the full explanation inside ;)

Limit Theory Development Update, Introduction, & Thoughts

Limit Theory is an upcoming indy space sandbox game that's entirely procedurally generated.

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