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Space: 1999 – A Different Space Opera

Even though Space: 1999 is not loved by everybody, it's a fantastic show to be inspired by. Imagine Star Trek on uppers. Made by Sylvia and Gerry Anderson, the show was the most expensive TV series produced by the Brits up to that time.

Aliens Among Us: Sci-Fi and Ideology

One of the recurring themes in science fiction since the fifties was the idea that aliens might somehow be among us, controlling us from within, rather than coming in badass spaceships and pew-pewing everything in their way.

La Planète Sauvage – A Cinema of Symbols

A mixture of Salvador Dali and Terry Gilliam? In a version with slavery, death and floating heads await! Step into the disorienting and surrealistic vision that is René Laloux' "Fantastic Planet," allegorical film!

Highly Illogical: Axanar sued by CBS & Paramount

You’ve probably already guessed that I’m about to go on a rant over the Axanar lawsuit, and you got it right.

Sci-Fi Flicks:Who’s Your Favorite Android?

The reason I love androids in movies is because movies featuring these characters doesn't necessarily revolve around their stories, but they often question what it means to be human, and what distinguishes us from androids. Who's your favorite android?

Jupiter Ascending Review: The TL;DR Version

The TL;DR Jupiter Ascending review.  Do gravity boots, Von Daniken, and Mila Kunis make a good movie...?  Can the W brothers live up to their Matrix awesomeness?  We give it to you in easy-to-read bullet points for those of you who lack the attention span to read more than 15 seconds (I'm looking at you, everyone who reads reddit...)

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