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Moonshot – Gravity Induced Fun

Moonshot, developed by Pump Action Games, focuses on laughs, action and gravity defying trick shots. We have covered Moonshot in our PAX East Part 2 coverage and we were super impressed. Armed with your tiny tank, you utilise the gravity of nearby planets or suns to aim shots toward friends hence the name of the game.

Get Ready

Some of my best memories of my younger years (I’m getting old!!) are sitting around with friends and playing local multiplayer games. The laughs, fights and many late hours were spent playing shoulder to shoulder, and I love that many indie games are bringing co-op back. Moonshot has everything that local multiplayer enthusiast like me are craving (simple controls, fast paced, and amazing graphics). I would describe it as an arcade game for the 21st century. Moonshot is a fantastic party game!

Mike having too much fun…

Simple Controls

Jump into Moonshot and you’ll be killing your friends in a matter of seconds. I’ve played many multiplayer games with Mike and have personally found the more difficult the game (both in terms of the control scheme and the ability to get a multiplayer game going), the less enthusiastic Mike and myself are to play it. I can’t tell you how many times Mike has gotten frustrated with a game’s buggy multiplayer (he should be called StompyBoy) but Moonshot works beautifully. Moving your tank, shooting and using the shields is simple enough that adults and kids alike can play the game as soon as the mood strikes them. Moonshot allows you to get right into the action fast!

Fast Paced

I don’t have lots of spare time to spend playing a game for hours, and my friends with kids have even less time. Most of them want something they can play for 15 – 20 minutes, and Moonshot is perfect for this. Moonshot offers a great game without the time suck: jump in, get some laughs and then you can move on with your schedule. You don’t have to worry about setting too much time aside as games are quick and easy. I’ve found myself many times thinking I’ll play for a short while and then I realize I’m four games in. It is easy for time to pass when you are having fun!

Gravity – Not Just About Apples

What makes Moonshot stand out as a multiplayer game for me is getting shots in sync with gravity. Planets, asteroids and suns pull your rockets across the map and as a result, you can get some epic takedowns. I’ve been destroyed a few times with some shots that were completely crazy, arcing around multiple planets to get me! Because I have so much fun with gravity in the game, I’d love to see additional levels or game play modes that test the player’s trick shot skills. Here’s hoping!

Art in Space

The art style for Moonshot is perfect. Moonshot is a fun, easy game and the art style reflects those characteristics. Blues, greens, yellows and reds with fun colored planets and asteroids makes Moonshot enjoyable to look at, as well as fun to play. The art doesn’t distract you from your goal (killing you enemies without mercy) but also compliments the laid back simplicity of Moonshot.

Have friends? Get Moonshot!

I highly suggest for everyone whom enjoys the arcade co-op style of yesteryear to purchase Moonshot and get a game going with their friends. Playing a game with friends that doesn’t involve tech trees, complicated combos or FPS that kills your head shot is a great stress relief. Grab your tank and start making those shots!

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