Homeworld 3. It’s finally coming.

It’s time for an encore. In 1999, one of my best childhood friends introduced me to a demo of a game that would define, actually, invent, a genre: Homeworld.  It was a 3D space strategy game, and even that would have been enough to create and define a genre, but Homeworld went so, so much further: Homeworld was art, of the kind of art pioneered by the 1970’s greats like Peter Elson and Chris Foss,...

Stardust Galaxy Warriors Review

It's long time overdue to share our thoughts about Stardust Galaxy Warriors, a bullet hell, atmospheric co-op with an awesome gameplay. I mean, mechs with guns in space? What's not to love about that?

Hyperburner Review

We review Hyperburner, a mobile space-based endless runner that is one of our favorite games of 2016 due to being insanely fun and featuring very tight controls. Concept art and Let's Play inside!

Preview: Galactic Echoes

Before it's official release, check out our inside preview of Galactic Echoes, an amazing story-driven space puzzle game that keeps you wanting more. Available for PC, iOS, Android, and more soon!

A first look at Helion: Void Wars

Featuring unique art styles that initially had me trying to decide whether the game was like anime in space or Tron-meets-Sea Quest, Bytecore Game’s Helion: Void Wars is unique in more ways than one!

Dead Star Review

Dead Star is a multiplayer team based twin stick space shooter from Armature Studios that I followed for months during development, and have been playing since release - but sadly, I can't recommend it

Preview: Moonshot

Moonshot is an arcade style game that delivers the laughs. Tiny tanks and trick shots with gravity makes Moonshot a must for fans of co-op. Understanding gravity isn't just about apples now!

A Brief Overload Update

We bring you what we know so far of Overload, the 6DoF game in the works by the creators of the original Descent titles. Concept art and developer Q&A video included, plus great news on the soundtrack!

Homeworld Patch Date Released!

This is what we've all (or at least, Homeworld fans) have been waiting for: the announcement for the release date of the next Homeworld: Remastered patch! Dave just sent over the date, come look…!


Mike and Merritt bring you the final part of our PAX East 2016 indie space game coverage. In this installment, every game we’re featuring is available for purchase now, so come take a look!

Gearbox and the upcoming Homeworld patch

Fists of Heaven spent a weekend with the Homeworld: Remastered team at Gearbox HQ for an exclusive behind-the-scenes scoop on the upcoming Homeworld patch. Come take a look for details and eye candy!

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