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Who’s Fists of Heaven?

We’re a Homeworld fan site, as well as a website dedicated to covering indie space games and the art, music, and people behind them in a very unique way that we feel differentiates ourselves from other gaming websites.  We strive to create coverage with a unique visual perspective and presentation – like reading a digital magazine.

Indie Devs / Studios: for info on our coverage and what we can do for you, click here to download our media kit with more information!

Fans / Readers: We update the site with new articles, interviews, art, and videos weekly, offer weekly #RaidersLoot giveaways on Twitter, and offer fun rewards via Patreon!  Because we often present our content in a ‘digital magazine’ style, you as a reader will get the best experience viewing our website on a desktop (it’ll look great at 4k!).

Fists of Heaven is comprised of gamers with extensive Web, Marketing, PR, and Art backgrounds, and we’re more than happy to help you, the indie dev or aspiring dev!  If you’re looking for professional marketing, web design, and ecommerce work, take a look at Mike’s company, Rhino Digital! =)

The Fists of Heaven Squadron Lore

Fists of Heavens Logo Emblem Yellow(the backstory & fanfiction aspect of FoH is set in the Homeworld universe)

The Fists of Heaven is a special tactics & operations squadron in the Kushanii naval forces, specializing in high risk, high reward mission profiles.  Formed during the journey to Hiigara following the destruction of Kharak, the squadron is comprised entirely of select volunteers who are known for their commitment to vengeance against the Taiidani.  The squardron bears the motto “Non Habere Remissionem” (“No Forgiveness”), and is known for unwavering commitment to their mission, the destruction of the Taiidan Empire.

The Fists of Heaven became the most decorated squadron in the Kushanii naval forces and achieved 53 key tactical victories during the Homeworld journey, often under extreme duress.  The Fists of Heaven continue to remain the most decorated naval unit in the fleet.

There can be no forgiveness

Fists of Heaven Squadron Creed

The discipline and commitment of the Fists of Heaven squadron is well known.  However, during the journey little was known about the final test to determine entry eligibility into the squadron.  Following the return to Hiigara, this has been brought to light:  chosen volunteers who have completed the other qualifications were told they were full members, but in reality have one last task before officially joining the ranks: they’re ordered to spend the duration of one battle in meditation in the armaments room of the ship on which they are to serve.  This order is not given until the ‘finger’s’ (the term for FoH joinees that have not yet seen a battle with the squadron) until the  battle is underway, and no explanation or warning is given.  Should the ‘finger’ accept this order without question and return from the armaments room (relatively) calmly, they are accepted into the squadron.

Note: The armaments storage on a ship, long known to naval crew as the “boom-room,” is arguably one of the most dangerous areas on a ship due to the potential for ordinance explosion and risk of bodily harm caused by automated fire and munitions control devices. The room is not generally staffed by naval personnel during combat (except in case of malfunction) as the loading of ordinance is fully automated.

The Fists of Heaven see this mentally trying exercise as a way for recruits to demonstrate their absolute devotion to discipline actually, and philosophically to release the illusion of control within or onboard a battle craft.  Although all naval forces demonstrate excellent discipline, the extreme nature of the missions the Fists of Heavens squadron undertakes on a regular basis, combined with the sacrifice often required in order to successfully complete missions with low odds means that exceptional, unwavering, and unquestioning adherence to orders is required.  Hence, those that pass the test in complete silence and composure without questioning the order rise up to the upper decks of the ship and join their fellow crewmates as a full member of the Fists of Heaven. Those that disobey, cry out, panic, or otherwise show mental weakness during their stay in the claustrophobic armaments room during the battle are disqualified from joining and are forever ineligible.  Those that perish during trial from circumstances outside their control are awarded membership posthumously.

The Fists of Heaven were formed by and remain under the command of Cmdr. Mike ‘Rhino’ Maddox and Executive Officer, Lt. Cmdr. Nick “Talon” Maddox


I started Fists of Heaven because I’ve always loved space games.  Back when the site began in 2013, there wasn’t a whole lot to cover, and I was hoping to build awareness for the games that were out there and hopefully encourage more space games to be made.  Fast forward to today and we have tons of awesome space, 6DoF, and mecha games being made, something I’m really excited to see.

At FoH, I also wanted to cover space games differently: I wanted to focus on the indie developer, because that’s who’s responsible for the resurgence of the genre.  Also, I wanted to recognize the entire game and the people behind it.  I feel that space games are ‘playable art’, and the developers, concept artists, sound designers, and composers all deserve to be heard.  That’s why we focus on space games, art, and interviews – we cover the games of course, but we also cover the art side (both visual and aural) and interview the individuals responsible for creating such fantastic content.



Mike Maddox, Website Owner: mike [at] fistsofheaven.com

Write for us!

Writing for FoH is a great way to launch (hehe, pun intended) your gaming writing, reporting, and or PR career.  We’re always looking for volunteer and paid contributors.  Send an impressive email to Mike to be considered.

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Fists of Heaven

The Crew

Mike Maddox

Mike Maddox, Editor-in-Chief, Webmaster
I’ve been reading about space since I learned how to read, and I’ve never gotten bored with it.  I also love games & digital marketing, so it’s only natural that I started space gaming fan sites in ’99 and never stopped.  My day job is my digital marketing agency Rhino Digital, and I’m also big into rock climbing, fitness, nutrition/organics, wellness, and reading.

Squadron Role: Commander
Favorite Games: Descent series and the Homeworld series

Julian Schlottman Bio Photo

Julian Schlottman, Graphic Artist
I’m a creativetype hailing from the mythical lands of Atlanta Georgia, and forever dedicated to my quest for glory via exploits in art, gaming, graphic, and media design. I spends most of my time engaging in graphic work, and I’m the lead graphic designer for Fists Of Heaven.  I love Things that look awesome, especially sci-fi video games, or really, sci-fi anything!

Squadron Role: Comms Officer
Favorite Games: Homeworld

George Illic

George Illic, Site Co-Manager
I’m an artist, a musician, a published author, a writer, a bibliophile, a bookworm, and I am a lost traveler in this ever growing universe of ours. Other than that I love movies, comics, and every form of art and creative expression, especially if it is space related.

Squadron Role: Crew Chief
Favorite Games: Halo

merritt bio pic

Merritt Adkins, Stream Coordinator & Video Editor
By day I’m a ocean loving Marine Biologist, by night I’m an mercenary killing anyone that gets in the way of me getting paid. I’ve always loved playing games, especially ones where shooting, blasting or any other form of fire power happens. I have many other interests that don’t involve weapons such as rock climbing, health, reading, playing my violin, and science. Hope to see you in game!

Squadron Role: CIC Coordinator
Favorite Games: Flashback, Tomb Raider, Starcraft II


Valerie Pintar, Web Developer
I love to create things, whether through web development, painting, woodworking, or a variety of other hobbies I’ve picked up over the years. Depending on the day you can also find me out on a hike, at the beach with my dog, binge reading, or dominating the shuffleboard table at a local brewery.

Squadron Role: Tech Sergeant

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