Jason Donovan

Hi, I'm a freelance writer and general Digital Nomad with a 22nd century skill-set which doesn't yet compute. I kill time by backhanding imps, have a masters in manufacturing disgruntled rogues and I jump on turtle shells for points after work. I usually fall asleep to the digital hum of 2D rain and wake up to the 8-bit smell of bacon. Can anyone tell me, what did the real world look like before we learned to hack it?

The Art of Germàn Impache

Italian born concept artist and model maker Germàn Impache brings your science fiction fantasies to life with his collection of intricate models of iconic craft, weapons, characters and concept art!

Who wants to be an astronaut?

NASA is hiring, and this could be the working holiday of a lifetime… if you meet the requirements.

The Art of Alex Ries

A review of the science fiction concept art created by Alex Ries.

The Impending Age of AI

Current developments in artificial intelligence are having some ground-breaking results; but should we be worried?

The Rift between Oculus and Hololens

An imagining of some of the uses for the exciting VR and AR technology which will soon be strapped to your head, as you play your favourite games.

A Beginner’s Guide to Dying in Space

An exploration of a few ways to die in space, and how a death is the void’s way of starting new life.

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