Space Portrayal in Sci-Fi and Games

Space is not portrayed accurately in games and sci-fi. Here are 6 things that almost every game gets wrong, including the color of the moon! Did you know the moon is actually brown? Read on for more!

The Art of Germàn Impache


Italian born concept artist and model maker Germàn Impache brings your science fiction fantasies to life with his collection of intricate models of iconic craft, weapons, characters and concept art!

Big Bang: Just a Theory

In Galileo's words: We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves. Find out more about the surprising origin of the Big Bang concept, and how great minds perceive this theory. The following article has nothing to do with Sheldon Cooper.

Life on a Space Station

Living on a space station worth billions sure sounds attractive, but it requires a lot of getting used to! Find out how astronauts describe this extraordinary experience!

What’s it Like in Space?

Hopefully we will get to experience what floating in the most peculiar way feels like any time soon, but until then let's find out what awaits us in space.

Book Review: The Martian by Andy Weir

In The Martian, the 2011 debut novel from American programmer and author Andy Weir, Watney is a NASA astronaut stranded on Mars after a crazy-intense dust storm forced his team to make an emergency evacuation without him. Now, everyone on Earth thinks he is dead.

Featured Illustrator: Ralph McQuarrie

This week, we go back to see the man, the legend who designed Star Wars and that arguably created your childhood, Ralph Mcquarrie.

Interview: Developer Jorge Pacheco

I have a sit-down with Jorge Pedraza about his upcoming game, Nomad Fleet.

Future Space Travel: Darkness Awaits

Space travel, and the mysteries and wonders of the Universe.

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