Big Bang: Just a Theory

Before we start going through some of the most famous disputes of the Big Bang Theory, let’s sum up what theories actually are and why should people be aware that there is a reason why the Big Bang is just a theory.

Almost on a daily basis, people find out that we were absolutely wrong about something. For example, if you’ve watched that Luc Besson’s movie Lucy, starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman, you probably believed that we are using just 10% of our brains. Or you’ve googled it and found out that this theory is completely unfounded. People use pretty much all of that grey matter that we have up there on a daily basis. So yes, experimenting with drugs, like Scarlett did in Lucy,won’t release your brain of its bonds and make a flying-telekinetic-strong as a rock-superhero out of you. However, it may inspire you to come up with some pretty silly theories yourself.

But I’m not talking about common misconceptions. We are living our lives based on theories and facts that often end up being completely wrong. Didn’t we believe that our planet was a flat surface for a millennium or five? Whether it’s the classification of Pluto, or the theory of the static universe, we’ve been utterly wrong about some fundamental stuff. Something that we actually use on a daily basis, a major mistake that requires an actual person on every news on all media saying:

Well, f*&^…

Imagine that you were in Galileo‘s shoes, facing the Roman Inquisition, and that you had to explain your theory of the heliocentric system to a gang of militarized Christ worshipers who still firmly believe that the Earth is the very center of the universe, not to mention that it is completely motionless. That was certainly a very intense discussion. It ended up with Galileo being imprisoned for the rest of his life.

big bang theory galileo

Believe it or not, very soon we might have our own Galileo, reporting back to us that some of our main theories were, yet again, utterly wrong. Can you guess which one that might be? You probably already did from the title. It is true, we might just find out that Big Bang Theory was, obviously, just a theory and put it aside to serve just as a reminder of how stupid the human race can be.

The Big Bang Dubiety

The Big Bang theory suggests that the entire universe was once focused in just one, infinitely small point. This singularity eventually exploded and over the course of 13.8 billion years created the cosmos and everything in it. More on that note can be found in details here, but one person that should be mentioned is definitely Georges Lemaître. A professor, an astronomer and, believe it or nor, a priest who actually came up with this theory first. He named it The Cosmic Egg

big bang theory

On the other hand, Nassim Haramein, the Director of Research for the Resonance Project, insists that the logic behind this theory is absolutely unfounded. His point of view might just be a reasonable one, since his questioning is based on the Newton’s law of motion.

If every action has a reaction, what is the action behind the Big Bang?

So Nassim proposes that the entire universe is based on a dynamic system of expansion and contraction. He continues explaining that the entity that we perceive as a “black hole” is actually a central force, a torque that keeps all the other objects in motion, separating the positive from the negative.

Since Nassim continues to dissect other entities in details, and the spiritual side is closely involved with this particular theory, we will leave up to you to decide and continue to learn more about his theory. We’ll stick to science for now but I personally have to agree with Nassim. If the Big Bang actually happened, which force and of what magnitude could produce it? Are we suggesting that we can envision a creation of that complexity and provide actual proof of it? Of course not.

Among many others who disagree with this widely accepted theory, a renowned English astronomer, Sir Fred Hoyle, actually coined the phrase The Big Bang Theory mockingly. Although he too agreed on the conclusion that the universe is expanding, the thought of having a primal force as a form of a creator seemed more like a pseudoscience to him.

In more recent history, the two physicist, Dr. Ahmed Farag Ali  and Professor Saurya Das, are dedicated on reviving this question and insisting that quantum equations suggest that the Big Bang Theory is actually just a theory.

One thing that I would personally love to see is the guy who will announce this sort of news to the world. Imagine that it is your personal responsibility to spread the word about the phenomenon of this size and its actual truth. What would happened? Oh right. Well, back to quoting our poor Galileo:

We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves.

George is an avid blogger, a fiction writer in his own spare time, a content marketer during the day and a manager of the FoH website. A book nut, a movie nut and everything space nut, who loves to talk about himself in third person. He's awesome.

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