The WTF star, or how the aliens broke the internet

Aliens or not, the ground based Very Large Array Radio Telescope and Green Bank Telescope are to point their cross-hairs at WTF and try to get more data for analysis. All that is left is to do is wait for the media beast to jump on its’ next prey and wait for the results to come in.

Life on a Space Station

Living on a space station worth billions sure sounds attractive, but it requires a lot of getting used to! Find out how astronauts describe this extraordinary experience!

H2O on Mars: Life As We Don’t Know It

At least 40 million miles away. a small robot named Curiosity is yelling cannonball. 

The Impending Age of AI

Current developments in artificial intelligence are having some ground-breaking results; but should we be worried?

What’s it Like in Space?

Hopefully we will get to experience what floating in the most peculiar way feels like any time soon, but until then let's find out what awaits us in space.

Book Review: The Martian by Andy Weir

In The Martian, the 2011 debut novel from American programmer and author Andy Weir, Watney is a NASA astronaut stranded on Mars after a crazy-intense dust storm forced his team to make an emergency evacuation without him. Now, everyone on Earth thinks he is dead.

Space Lettuce: The Father of Extra-terrestrial Vegetables

If you’ve been totally out of the loop, it’s been almost one year since NASA announced that they would be sending astronauts to live on Mars. This is one of the biggest steps we’ve ever made since our expedition to the moon decades ago. What we need to achieve this feat won’t be an easy task as there are so many factors to consider before we are able to safely put and sustain people on the red pla...

A Beginner’s Guide to Dying in Space

An exploration of a few ways to die in space, and how a death is the void’s way of starting new life.

Interstellar Messages Part 2: Prank Calls

Have we been naughty children? Find out if Extraterrestrials are looking for you and take a look at your call list!

Interstellar Messages: Is Anybody Out There

Aliens got a text: Messages sent to space, and their meaning.

Future Space Travel: Darkness Awaits

Space travel, and the mysteries and wonders of the Universe.

The Fermi Paradox: The Most Obvious Solution

The Fermi Paradox: The most obvious solution is that you might be an alien!

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