Sublevel Zero: Gimme the Loot

Zero Gravity, lots of Ammo, kinda like Descent


The Sublevel Zero, a first person 6 degree of freedom shooter, is a creation highly praised among the Descent fans who actually labeled this game as a Descent’s spiritual successor no less. Certainly, anyone who had the chance to take a shot at Descent I, II and III, (the games are currently unavailable for purchase btw) can agree that this game looks almost like an homage. A small indie studio called Sigtrap Games, based in the UK, had the same idea of providing that first person gunship pilot shooter on a mission to loot and destroy.

The entire game was developed by Luke and Gary, two magnificent artists who are actually the people behind Sigtrap, (Editor’s note: we’ve been informed the Sigtrap Team is 5 people, not 2!) and they made the whole thing using a personal version of Unity for the development part, along with Mastertronic on board as the publisher. On a personal note, I have to add that this is sort of an accomplishment of its own, and it is utterly awesome and completely refreshing.

An Old School Experience

Note that this game is intended for hard core, experienced fans of the genre. If you cannot relate to the old school atmosphere, with the 8bit music and rougelike adventures – this is probably not the game that you are looking for. Go play Minecraft.

However, older gamers, the ones who had the opportunity to play video games throughout the nineties, will get hooked instantly on Sublevel Zero. All controls are pretty much the same as they are on Descent, and it is a single player only game, which is a little bit of a downer. Nevertheless, this piece of art is also available on Oculus VR, which makes this game even more alluring. Although this game is almost an antiquity because of its style, the graphics still look incredible and as far as space combat and freedom movement goes, the work of Luke and Gary certainly does look impressive. The best part about this game is the actual engagement and all the hype coming from the gaming community. People love this game.

Sublevel Zero Gameplay

Although the story-line is pretty basic, and seems like someone provided the concept for the game afterwards, old gamers will absolutely appreciate the full experience of this blast from the past. As soon as I spotted those big, pixelated characters flying over the screen, the experience transported me back to the arcades that I used to visit as a kid with my father. Although the story in the game is almost nonexistent, you are updated regularly with snippets of content, just to keep the hype on the level.

Your prime mission is to harvest the loot. That is about it. You can merge items that you acquire along the way to create new weaponry, pick up ammo from the enemies you killed, rob the enemy that you killed, of course, go to his house and burn it down to the ground. Well not the last thing, but you get the point – this is a simple and repetitive first person shooter game, an ideal choice if you need to relieve some stress and shoot everything that moves on that screen.

I would absolutely recommend this game to all Descent fans, obviously, but perhaps even some younger generations would appreciate the freedom of having the ability to just shoot up the place with no questions asked. You can get the game on Steam, here, for a reasonable price, and while you’re there check out the latest patches. Oh, and the soundtrack, of course.

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