Limit Theory Development Update, Introduction, & Thoughts

Limit Theory Update!

Okay so the current update is a month old, but I needed an excuse to talk about Limit Theory.  I’m really looking forward to this game: in fact, I really look forward to each Limit Theory dev update – it’s like a monthly mini space TV show!  There’s just something about Josh’s dreamy voice and manly space imagery that captivate and draws you in (*ahem*, I meant that the other way around, I swear – there are kind of a lot NO mancrush feelings here!).

Seriously though, put on your headphones and watch this latest update – just be sure to bring a snack, because you’re not going to be able to stop, and there are twenty of these bad boys!

Limit Theory Wallpaper - Dark Planet

Limit Theory Screenshot - November Dev Update - Dark System - Dust

Single Player Only?

Yes, for now – but remember, this game is pretty much infinite.  Infinite places to explore, civilizations to interact with, a very unique AI system, and more!  Listen to what Josh has to say about ‘spacial colonization’, cultural AI, and the ‘genesis’ of races, cultures, and cultural personality and influence.  Too.  Freaking.  Cool. (~15:00 mark in the video).  There’s too much to type just about what was featured in this latest update, so go watch!

Btw, I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, but since my late 20’s have a newfound appreciate for single player games. Why?  Because that way I’m not getting pubstomped by 14-year-olds.  Yes, I used to be that 14-yr-old doing the pubstomping, but the tables have turned.

Eventually it would be cool to see co-op multiplayer in LT I think, but I no longer put in the time to excel at multiplayer vs games that I used to, and I can’t stand to lose, so…yay single player!

My Thoughts

If you’ve read even one or two of my posts, you probably realize how opinionated I am by now.  So of course I have an opinion on Limit Theory, and my opinion is that it is awesome.  Each dev update excites me more and more, because each update reveals, well, major updates, additions, and changes.  There are a ton of unique features being built into Limit Theory, and the emphasis on eye candy and playability couldn’t be more welcome, because…

I’m huge on playability, because, after all, these are GAMES.  They’re supposed to be fun.  If I wanted to simulate space piloting as closely as I could, I would have become a Blackbird pilot.  A game that isn’t fun is completely pointless, and I find that space games that try to go ‘hyper realistic’ sometimes aren’t as much fun, and tend to ‘miss the space for the cockpit’ (forest for the trees play on words…cmon…ok yeah it was bad).  Anyway, my long-winded point is that LT seems to be doing it right.  It looks very ‘jump in and play’ and I like that a lot.  Josh has put in a ton of effort into the UX/UI of the game, how player input is interpreted by the game, and the ‘HUD’ visuals it’s beautiful, unique and very promising.

Release date

Go watch the video now.  Seriously.  Gogogo. 

Eye Candy

Limit Theory Wallpaper – Planet and Asteroid Belt

Limit Theory Wallpaper – Planet and Moon Silhouette

Limit Theory Wallpaper – Orange Dust Cloud Space

Limit Theory Wallpaper – Dark Planet

Limit Theory Wallpaper – Capital Ship Weapons Fire

Limit Theory Wallpaper – Blue Space Nebula

Limit Theory Wallpaper – Asteroid Silhoutte and Nebula

Limit Theory Screenshot – Dark Blue Nebula

Limit Theory Screenshot – November Dev Update – Dark System Nebula – Bloom Effect

Limit Theory Screenshot – November Dev Update – Dark System – Bloom Effect

Limit Theory Screenshot – November Dev Update – Asteroids and Dust

Limit Theory Screenshot – November Dev Update – Ship Encounter

Limit Theory Screenshot 1

Limit Theory Screenshot – November Dev Update – Starburst and Scanner

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