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No Man's Sky

While we are sitting here waiting to hear from Josh Parnell about Limit Theory and its current stage of development, one game of the same concept of procedurally-generated universe is just about to drop. We can’t claim that we are surprised, we’ve been waiting for this release for quite some time and, finally, the No Man’s Sky is about to see the light of day.

On June 21st, 2016, No Man’s Sky will be available on PC and PS. Right now, it is available for pre-purchase at your local steam store. Despite some speculations, this game won’t be available on PS VR for now, because the game developers, Hello Games, want to hear what the audience wants next before taking any steps in that direction. (Yeah, because, who would like to experience unlimited space travel in virtual reality?! Better ask us first, just to make sure.)

To be quite honest, I was a little bit surprised seeing Sean Murray at Stephen Colbert’s late night show. And I am overall quite overwhelmed with the current hype that the Hello Games crew is getting at the moment so congratulations guys! You certainly deserve all the attention that you are getting.

There's a toy and I'm hooked

Just when I thought that this game can’t get any cooler, someone at that evil Hello studio said:

Nah man, let’s top it off with a sweet collectible toy and get that honey. We gonna charge it like $150, offer the game and the toy in a package and limit that offer and sell 10,000 packages only! Those guys will stomp the stores!

(not an actual quote, read in Ghostface Killah voice)

To avoid having this post published as a promotional showcase for this game, I’ll stop overwhelming you for now. Of course, there is a lot more cool stuff coming, like soundtrack on vinyl! (insert Ghostface pun again) Instead of writing a full love letter to Hello Games, we are going to publish a somewhat elaborate love letter to these guys in the following weeks.

For now, let us say that we love seeing an indie studio rising to this sort of fame. Enjoy the buzz guys, you’ve earned it! We are all hooked too and we’re very excited to try out No Man’s Sky. Just not on VR, because you have to hear our response first about that. Yeah.

P.S.: Oh Josh, where art thou?

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