PAX Indie Space Game Showcase Part 2

in Part 2 of our PAX East indie space games coverage, we bring you the scoop on the games currently in early access: Moonshot, Astroneer, Planetoid Pioneers, and Starcrawlers. Come take a look now!

Space Portrayal in Sci-Fi and Games

Space is not portrayed accurately in games and sci-fi. Here are 6 things that almost every game gets wrong, including the color of the moon! Did you know the moon is actually brown? Read on for more!

Moonshot Free Weekend!

Come play Moonshot for free this weekend! Moonshot is like worms in space, a trajectory-based shooter with a twist. In celebration of their online matchmaking, everyone can play for free this weekend!

Quasar: A Procedurally Generated Bullet Hell

Inspired by Space Wars and Asteroids (the very first space games), Quasar, a unique, indie, procedurally generated 2.5D bullet hell with eSport aspirations is on Kickstarter and needs your funding!

PAX Indie Space Game Showcase Part 1

PAXEast 2016 featured a massive indie game scene with 13, count them, 13 indie space games; and we met with the developers behind every one to bring you the scoop! Part 1 covers games under development

Khaaneph Fleet Pack for Deserts of Kharak

The Khaaneph Fleet Pack DLC for Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak adds a new playable race to multiplayer with brand new units, and it's awesome. Check out video screenshots and details of the new units!

Battlezone vs. Battlezone 98 Redux

One of the first VR games in history was Battlezone, released back in 1980. Now we're comparing the most famous and the latest successor of this game: introducing Battlezone 98 Redux from Rebellion!

Into the Stars Review

Into the Stars is an open world/sandbox spaceship command simulator that puts you in the captain's chair, leading the last of humanity away from Earth and towards an unknown planet. Will you make it?

The Red Solstice Review

The Red Solstice is a tactical, top down shooter where you control a marine fighting aliens on Mars. Featuring a single player campaign and an 8-player co-op, you definitely have to work for your kills!

A Mechs’ Warzone: Introducing Dual Gear

An indie studio from Bangkok, Orbital Speed Studio is building Dual Gear, a true Mech Warzone with customized robots and bunch of cool artillery. The first playable build is included, so check it out!

A First Look at Superverse

I'm excited about Superverse, a 2D arcade shooter with multiple twists! Jump between universes with varying physics, and enjoy the visual of a 3D environment while progressing in one of multiple ships!

Fractured Space Preview

Edge Case Game's new team based 'Space MOBA', Fractured Space, breaks the mold: it's space combat with giant capital ships, and it's a thrilling, unique multiplayer space game that we absolutely love!

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