Mike and Merritt bring you the final part of our PAX East 2016 indie space game coverage. In this installment, every game we’re featuring is available for purchase now, so come take a look!

PAX Indie Space Game Showcase Part 2

in Part 2 of our PAX East indie space games coverage, we bring you the scoop on the games currently in early access: Moonshot, Astroneer, Planetoid Pioneers, and Starcrawlers. Come take a look now!

PAX Indie Space Game Showcase Part 1

PAXEast 2016 featured a massive indie game scene with 13, count them, 13 indie space games; and we met with the developers behind every one to bring you the scoop! Part 1 covers games under development

Homeworld Remastered Collection Launch Trailer

Check out the stunning new launch trailer for HW: The Remastered Collection, and catch the full length Gearbox Panel inside!

A Space Opera Returns: Homeworld Remastered Release Date, Screenhots and PAX Coverage

The Gearbox Panel at PAXsouth: A Homeworld Remastered release date, gorgeous 4k screenshots, and (!) Randy reads minds!

Homeworld Remastered at PAX South – Details Soon!

Our Homeworld Remastered coverage of PAX South - stay tuned for updates!

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