Elite Dangerous Premier Video

Fresh from the Twitch livestream is the premier of the Elite: Dangerous, a pre-launch live event featuring lots of game footage and interviews with the developers.

I have to admit, as much as I’m looking forward to games like Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen, I’m honestly not sure how fun they’ll be – and it looks like I’m not the only one.  Comments abound on this video about the ‘boring-ness’ of the space-sandbox style of play.  Yes, ED and SC are aiming for hyper-realism, but is realism what makes a game fun?  Not necessarily, in my opinion.  I like the approach that Limit Theory is taking in this aspect: realism tempered with playability.

However, I have not played Elite Dangerous, mostly because I’m hesitant to purchase the game given my aforementioned concerns.  Any ED players interested in writing their thoughts?  If so, shoot me an email: mike [at ] fistsofheaven.com.

All worrying aside, I’m still excited about ED, and am really glad that the series has come back to life with some seriously awesome looking graphics and hopefully the gameplay to match.

More info: www.elitedangerous.com

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