A Mechs’ Warzone: Introducing Dual Gear

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Real Time Tactical Strategy... with Mechs

The story behind Dual Gear is still vaguely defined (perhaps still in development), but since we are watching flying mechs blowing stuff up with cannons instead of arms – I’m going to call it now and say that we’re interested. This turn based tactical bullet hell sure seems like tons of fun, but the feature that really got me hooked was the fact that you get to choose from 30 different robot models, and build your own mecha with 100 additional parts. Customization this good makes you feel like you actually own the thing! So, then, what makes me different from all those middle aged housewives that spend hours on building characters in Sims? Well, at least my custom built characters are meant to mess stuff up, explosion style. Introducing Dual Gear!

What we were able to find out about this game (which is still in development, as I mentioned) is that you are in the command of mecha units, and it is your responsibility to equip them and lead them into missions. And not just lead them, but join them in battle from a third person perspective. The combination of the TBS genre with the third person shooter definitely provides an interesting perspective for the player. The developers behind this game explained that it was their intention to give us almost a cinematic experience of the combat. Of course, the game is obviously inspired by Japanese Mecha robots and influenced by classic TBS games with a somewhat similar concept, but definitely stands apart in terms of play style.

Set for Q1 2017

The game is developed with Unreal 4, and will be available on Windows, Mac, Xbox One and PS4. The Indie GoGo campaign that the team from Orbital Speed finished days ago, unfortunately underfunded. However, the game is still in development, and with their current funding we can expect a lot of amazing stuff from Dual Gear. For now, you can download the demo here and test out your mecha suit in battle, and check out  DG on Steam. While this build is still rough on the edges, this is definitely one of the titles that we are looking forward to seeing in 2017.  We’ll be bringing you a more complete preview soon!

EGE-01 Sidewinder

This thing of beauty weights 15.7 tons, it is 6.2 meters high and is a military built piece of killing machine. And guess who gets to pilot this amazing tool of destruction, this gigantic slaughtering robot? The Dual Gear will have up to 30 hours of gameplay where you will be able to pilot your mecha suit, navigate your troops, and level them up.

Orbital Speed Studio

This game is developed by a team of five indie developers, veteran professionals and a couple of newbies, all originally from Thailand. While most of the devs and artists involved already have significant experience in game development, Dual Gear is the first game that Orbital Speed Studio Co. LTD. is planing on releasing as an independent title.

We dig Mechs at FoH

And if you know of a game with cool space flying, transforming killer-robots that we haven’t featured here – hit us up in the comment section.

Dual Gear
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