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One of my favorite 2D / time killing games of my teenage years was Swarm by Reflexive Entertainment.  It was a 2D arcade style shooter with newtonian physics and ship progression.  I’ve wanted a modern version of Swarm for years – something 2D with progression that wasn’t bullet hell.  It looks like Superverse may have answered my call…

Superverse is a 2D, arcade-style shooter with a twist: you travel through wormholes into different realities where everything changes, including the physics!

Superverse Features

  • Explore unique universes
  • Travel through black holes
  • Feel Newtonian & different physics powered universes
  • Shoot destructive weapons; a multitude of options for making things explode
  • Choose from a range of upgrade-able spaceships
  • Fight against top notch artificial intelligence machines
  • Enjoy impressive 3D visual experience
  • Listen engaging music and full 3D sound effects
  • Play in Co-Op local multiplayer or Single player mode
  • Control the game using joypad, keyboard or touch-screen
  • Play it using your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad
  • Powered by in-house tech, a custom built game & rendering engine

Despite being PC-only, apparently one can use any touch-enabled device with which to control the ship.  Why you’d want to use that rather than a mouse I have no idea (unless it’s for the local co-op aspect), but hey, it’s an option.  By the way, mad props to the guys at Industry Entertainment for including local co-op.  Although not quite as good as multiplayer co-op, I love games that include Co-op through the single player: perfect for playing with your significant other.  More games need this!

There’s not a ton of information out yet about Superverse, but we do know that it will be for the PC and should release between Q4 2016 and Q1 2017.  Here’s hoping for the former!  Now, take a look at this eye candy:

2D…or 3D?

I love the way it’s a 3D game with 2D playstyle: enemies swoop down from ‘above’, you can see deep into the asteroid belt you’re playing in and even your ship is 3D.  To me, this adds huge gameplay appeal: all of the eye candy of a spacegame, but with the causal ‘pick up and play’ of an arcade game.  There’s also a smorgasbord of fun lighting, particle effects, and weapon effects.


Personally, I’m stoked about Superverse: it looks like a lot of fun to play and to look at.  I’ll make sure to bring you guys a more complete preview as soon as I get my hands on a playable build.  In the meantime, check out the Superverse Website to pre-order the game for $9.99.  Looks like it’ll be worth it!

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