Bullet Hell Showcase: 6 Shootemups under $6

Descend Into Bullet Hell with Guns Swinging

The following list presents low cost games that can serve as a great time-kill. I’ve always loved shoot em ups, and some of the most cherished moments I spent with my dad were at the arcades, playing Galaga and Space Invaders. Today, bullet hell games of this type bring me back to that time when all I needed was a bunch of aliens, flying at me, and I just collected some super upgrade that’s kicking their a**es. That was quite enough for me to be a happy little camper. So if you have 6$ to spare and you love this type of games, here is a Bullet Hell Showcase that will drench your thirst today. 


Price: $3.99

Named after the brightest star in Canis Minoris, Procyon provides five challenging stages, all five of them with a great variety of obnoxious aliens who are on a mission to conquer planet Earth, of course. A local co op is a neat addition, and the comic-style of writing really rounds up the experience.
While missions will get on your nerves with their level of difficulty, hearing those narratives and cut scenes will make it all worth it. 

Tiamat X

bullet hell tiamat

Price: $1.99

A tribute to retro side scrolling shoot em ups, Tiamat X gives you a smooth ride through the battlefield that used to be your Homeworld. Once again, your little ship will have to conquer the alien invaders. Shooting at Mecha robots is certainly a nice change, but while this game is extremely difficult, it could provide more varieties. Music is another downside but the game is definitely worth this, almost symbolic, price. I would definitely recommend to all bullet hell loving gamers. 

Infinity Wings

bullet hell infinity wings

Price: $2.99

Another cheap, but nevertheless an extremely difficult shoot em up experience that will have you on the edge of your seat, cursing at the screen. Infinity Wings: Scout Grunt is developed with the help of the Unity engine, and it’s using both 2D and 3D graphics. The game starts off with flying asteroids which present a perfect moving target to practice your aim, but as soon as real enemies come knocking you will definitely wish for those asteroids to fly by here and there. 

Cyborg Rage

Price: $4.99

This game is a multiplayer co op bullet hell, which means that you can play it with your friend on the same device or in multiplayer, which is a neat addition if you ask me. The only top down view-shooter on our list, Cyborg Rage provides an extremely fast paced action, awesome artwork and campaigns for a single player as well as for two. The downside of this game are just a few levels that it provides. So you are probably going to conquer every adversary and finish up the game within an hour. 

Stellar 2D

Price: $0.99

Stellar 2D received mixed reviews, and although this developer has built a top notch, retro like arcade shooter, we have to agree that this might just be our bottom material. The game itself is interesting, the concept is well familiar (I personally enjoy in 2D shooters a lot) but this game is easy, quick, and leaves you unsatisfied. It looks cool at the first glance, but fails to deliver. The best part of this game is its thorough background story, and the variety of ships that you encounter. 

Revolution Ace

bullet hell race

Price: $0.30

In all honesty, this game is currently on a discount. But even the full price is somewhere around $3 total. This is certainly one of my favorite choices here, and a warm recommendation to all bullet hell retro gamers. The game is tactical, capable of making you angry from time to time, and although it is mesmerizing and will remind you of some games that you used to play on SNES, Revolution Ace will make you fight for your cash. Multiplayer option and co op mode is also available. 

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