A Look at HW:R Collector’s Edition Mothership Model

Homeworld: Remastered Collector’s Edition is Looking Good

Gearbox’s head CM, Jeff Skaal, was kind enough to share these photos of Brian Martel and Stephen Cole inspecting the prototype of the 10″ resin ‘Pride of Hiigara’ model (with lights!) that will be shipping with all collector’s editions of the upcoming remastered release of Homeworld and Homeworld 2.  Have a look:

Homeworld Remastered Collectors Edition Mothership Model - First Look

Homeworld Remastered Collectors Edition Mothership Model - First Look 2

I also wanted to say a big ‘Thank You!‘ to the team at Gearbox, for going way above and beyond with their remastering of one of my favorite game series.  The attention to detail shown in just the small amount of the game’s progress to date is just incredible.  They not only recognize what a masterpiece the original games were, but it looks like they’re giving that masterpiece the treatment it deserves…and then some.  Much love, guys!

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