Mac Users Rejoice!

Homeworld now on Steam for Mac

While we were watching the latest Shipbreakers trailer, Gearbox Software announced Homeworld Remastered on Steam for Mac users. It gets even better, keep reading.

The Mac version for now lacks the LAN multiplayer option, but it still is a same old gameplay experience that we all know and love, including the online multiplayer. The dev team hasn’t still employed a cross-platform version of the multiplayer, so Mac users won’t be able to play with their counterparts with PCs, but we are certain that this will be solved in due time.

The busy hands back at Gearbox are not just working hard on making this game a fully cross-platform project, but are also doing a lot on improving the actual gameplay all around.

Even with the current online multiplayer being flagged as beta, Gearbox is working with the mod community in order to round up all loose ends.

There has been an official GBX Balance test-mod released some days ago which has the goal of balancing out the inconsistencies in ship AI, behaviors, abilities and feedback. On a side note, the mod is also in a beta phase, so the devs say – don’t try combining it with the campaign if you don’t want big glitches in the gameplay. On the other hand, they welcome any help which might be given in testing and more.

homeworld art

Now for the best part – Steam is currently running a promotion of Homeworld Remastered with a 25% discount, so if you still haven’t obtained your copy of this fantastic repack, the offer ends on October 26!

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