Everspace: Counting Down to March



Counting Down to March

If you are one of the backers of Everspace on Kickstarter, you are also one of the lucky ones who will get the chance to check out the alpha release of this long awaited title. In less than a month, ROCKFISH Games will release this game for the testers, and for the open public in the October this year. 

Until today, there are a total of 10,739 people backing Everspace, who have pledged €420,252 total to bring this game to life. 

For those not familiar, Michael Schade and ROCKFISH Games are the developers of the now renowned space game series for mobile, Galaxy on Fire. With a little help fron the Unity 4 engine and through 10 years of collaboration, this independent team is set on a mission to produce a unique, yet unseen version of rouge-like, first person shooter puzzle, The EVERSPACE.

Although we still know very little about the plot, some details are already disclosed for public. Allegedly, the story revolves around the key protagonist, a pilot, who is lost in space. After you wake up in the middle of nowhere, you don’t know who you are or where you might be, you receive a short message with a set of coordinates. Your only choice is to try to reach that destination in order to find out what happened. 

The trick is – every time you die you receive a clue about who you might be, or what your mission actually is. There are also rumors that the game will feature multiple choices, and the players will write the storyline from different segments, by choosing different paths.

While we are daydreaming about the possibilities of Everspace, the ROCKFISH developers are keeping us updated on the latest enhancements and alterations, and it seems that these guys are tireless. By the end of the October 2016, when this game is set to drop, who knows what will we get after all the touch ups and changes that  they keep implementing. Probably a neat flying killing machine, right?

Not that anyone’s complaining.

Custom Modding

One of the new features announced for Everspace is the ability of custom modification. You can build weapons from resources, tweak your gear, tighten your fire rates, increase your power, and customize your particular model in accordance to your gaming style. 

New partners

ROCKFISH has a new partner, an indie studio from Frankfurt called Blazing Badger. Since they’ve just released their UE4 built game on XBox, Steam and PS4, titled AIPD, it seems that they will be the perfect fit for providing ROCKFISH with  some genuine experience and guidance. Especially now, when the guys are trying to push their debut right on the XBox One console.

An Exclusive Interview with Michael, CEO of ROCKFISH

For more info, visit Everspace Kickstarter page. You can still donate and gain early access.

However, if you are interested in reading more about Everspace, the FoH interviewed Michael a few weeks ago, and you can find that piece hereFind out more about the idea behind Everspace, Michael’s inspiration and his view of what this game actually represents. 

George is an avid blogger, a fiction writer in his own spare time, a content marketer during the day and a manager of the FoH website. A book nut, a movie nut and everything space nut, who loves to talk about himself in third person. He's awesome.

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