Are we alone in some other universe?

Since the beginning of time, people have been wondering where we came from, why we are here and are we really alone in the Universe. We follow the advances in this line of thought from the theories of scientists and philosophers in ancient Greece, but the real development starts in 20th century. Albert Einstein was the first who tried to find the theory of everything, a theory that couldconnect all the laws of physics and the existence of the life on planet as we know it.  He tried to unite the general theory of relativity with electromagnetism. He didn’t live to see what we made of it, but he sure made this theory a number one priority to many physicists that came after.

There are many scientific theories about what is out there, and you can easily get lost in the amount of information and equations. The hardest thing to explain in Cosmology is the explanation of singularity, or what are the origins of the Universe and the Big Bang. Today,the most accepted theory is the collision of few similar theories – implying that we live in a Multiverse.

It is said that the idea of a Multiverse is not a theory, but more of a consequence of our understanding of physics so far. It is made of many or rather an infinite number of universes that may have different laws of physics. Therefore, our universe is often imagined like a bubble in an ocean of bubbles, and the interesting part is that they collide all the time. So, one of the theories about the Big Bang is that two universes collided which resulted in the creation of our solar system and our planet.

It is creepy to think that the theory that Hugh Everett came up with in 1954 is true. He said that there are many parallel worlds in Space with life as we know it. Does that mean another me in some other world is also writing this article now? If scientists say that the space-time is flat and it stretches out infinitely, then the logical thing to think is that it has to repeat itself at some point. This many-world theory can easily be explained through something that most of you are familiar with – The Schrodinger’s cat experiment.

With the weird laws of quantum mechanics (quantum mechanical state is a sum of all possible states; in this case of cat states) it is suggested that the cat is both dead and alive at the same time in different worlds. But this also can mean that in some other world you achieved something that you wouldn’t here, or that you weren’t born at all. The observable universe extends only as far as the light has had the chance to get in, or only how old our universe is (almost 14 billion light years since the Big Bang), thus we aren’t able to see what’s beyond that. To see ifanyone is out there, we would have to be able to travel faster than the speed of light, and so far it doesn’t look so good.

Another widely accepted theory is the so-called brane world theory, and it is connected to string theory. The idea comes from the possibility that there are 11 dimensions in space plus time as we know it. We use only three – height, width and depth, but the scientist came to the conclusion that there are more space dimensions that we are not familiar with yet. So our universe may have many parallel ones all floating in higher-dimensional space.

We can’t yet prove any of these theories, and there is a possibility that none of this is true. Maybe we believe it only because we can’t come up with anything better. And I don’t know what is creepier – to be alone and just a coincidence in this multiverse, or to expect that maybe someday I will find out that there are infinite numbers of me, only they are more successful.

Keep looking at the sky! Or… wherever?

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