Everspace: Counting Down to March

While we are daydreaming about the possibilities of Everspace, the ROCKFISH developers are keeping us updated on the latest enhancements and alterations, and it seems that these guys are tireless.

EVE Valkyrie: Alpha Testing Starts This Month

Alpha testers get ready for launch - EVE: Valkyrie is dropping this month! EVE: Valkyrie is the next game in the EVE franchise, featuring competitive PvP space sim combat in 3D, exclusively on the Oculus rift. EVE in virtual reality? Yes, please.

Limit Theory: A Truly Unbound Space Sim

For ye of little faith, we will once again go through the basics of Limit Theory to get you more familiar with LT. Including the latest updates from Limit Theory's creator, Josh Parnell, and more about the current stage of development.

Starfall Tactics Preview

Small Siberian game developer Snowforged Entertainment hopes to create an innovative and feature-packed hit with Starfall Tactics

Interview: Elizabeth Moon

I interview Nebula-award winning sci-fi author Elizabeth Moon about her Vatta's War series, inspiration, about her experience in military, future plans and her advice for aspiring authors. Thanks, Elizabeth! Can't wait for the next sequel!

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