Stardust Galaxy Warriors Review

It's long time overdue to share our thoughts about Stardust Galaxy Warriors, a bullet hell, atmospheric co-op with an awesome gameplay. I mean, mechs with guns in space? What's not to love about that?

A Mechs’ Warzone: Introducing Dual Gear

An indie studio from Bangkok, Orbital Speed Studio is building Dual Gear, a true Mech Warzone with customized robots and bunch of cool artillery. The first playable build is included, so check it out!

Strike Suit: Space Transformer Awesomeness

It's obvious that a great deal of effort went in to the makings of the Strike Suit series: the games look gorgeous, have a killer soundtrack from Paul Ruskay and aren’t too hardcore. Let's Play included!

GALAK-Z: 2D Space Shooter Masterpiece

One of the most astonishing 2D space games we ever had a chance to play, Galak-Z is powered by AI system that will have you stuck on stupid for days. 17_Bit built this masterpiece inspired by Anime from 70s and 80s.

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