Vincent Roy

After graduating with a degree in Journalism, Vincent has been mostly adrift like a space rock trying to find the next planet or star to rotate to. In this otherworldly quest he’s been pursuing of a lot of interests and hobbies. He’s a gamer with a passion for RPGs, Adventure Games, MOBAs, Rogue-likes, and fighting games. He’s also an avid CCG and Table top gamer with a constantly growing collection. Aside from that Vincent likes to spend time in pursuit of the best TV shows, movies and books he can experience.

3 Space Web Games to Pass the Time

Take a look at three space games you can find and play online, for free! Support indie developers and temporarily cure boredom with this short but sweet selection of space extraordinaire – links included!

Space Lettuce: The Father of Extra-terrestrial Vegetables

If you’ve been totally out of the loop, it’s been almost one year since NASA announced that they would be sending astronauts to live on Mars. This is one of the biggest steps we’ve ever made since our expedition to the moon decades ago. What we need to achieve this feat won’t be an easy task as there are so many factors to consider before we are able to safely put and sustain people on the red pla...

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