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Space Web Games

Most of us don’t have much of a budget to buy the latest games for our enjoyment. A lot of us also don’t have much time to spend for completing that next mission or leveling our characters. Despite these restrictions we need that short gaming fix to stimulate, refresh and refuel. Luckily the internet has enough tools to help us out with that. A lot of artists, game developers and companies offer games on the internet for free. These are games you probably won’t end up rating 10/10, and these games are definitely not that the type that will make you forget your life or your current work predicament. They are however, good ways to unwind for an hour or so.

Don’t Escape 3

Don't Escape

Blue Crystal also known as…

Since the dawn of gaming on the internet, escape games have been quite popular and sometimes quite predictable. You’ll often spend minutes to hours trying to figure out what items and combinations you need to escape your current predicament. This often leads to you randomly clicking every pixel of the game screen hoping that will help you figure things out. Don’t Escape 3 does it all except with a lot more depth and challenge. You wake up inside a spaceship with everyone dead and you not remembering anything (a common theme in escape games). The great thing about Don’t Escape 3 is the environment as there seems to be this unknown intruder in the spaceship giving you that feeling of dread at the back of your mind. You’re also pressed for time as air is running low and you need to find everything you need so that you can escape. This along with some puzzles and you’ve got a game that you’ll probably spend a few hours on. That or you’ll probably just find a walkthrough and breeze through it all in 5 minutes.

Play Don’t Escape 3

S.T.A.R. Defence

STAR Defence

I opt for the off-center triangle formation

 If you like something a bit on the arcade side of things then S.T.A.R. Defence is definitely something you should give a shot. Your task is to defend your planet by placing defence satellites and shooting incoming space vehicles going kamikaze on your planet. Your satellites have limited ammo and will explode once they run out so you have to spend the money you earn to keep on making more satellites which are hopefully stronger. The game is simple enough that you’ll probably get how to play the game within the first few minutes. It’s quite addicting though personally I don’t find much appeal to games that don’t have a story or an end game.

Play S.T.A.R Defence

Space Incident

Space Incident

I really dig the art style

I have a soft spot for a lot of narrative games since they really show a lot of creativity considering that you sacrifice things like gameplay to make something quite different. In Space Incident you play an AI of a ship that’s headed to Mars and back. You encounter a stowaway and a lot of difficulties and your task is to make sure that the crew heads back home to earth safely. You don’t actually do much in the game but your words and choices as the AI will influence what the crew will do as well as the game’s ending. The game is definitely something you can replay if you want things to happen differently the next time around. The game also somehow gives me an idea of how Sims in space would look like.

Play Space Incident or check out these 6 space games for under $6!

After graduating with a degree in Journalism, Vincent has been mostly adrift like a space rock trying to find the next planet or star to rotate to. In this otherworldly quest he’s been pursuing of a lot of interests and hobbies. He’s a gamer with a passion for RPGs, Adventure Games, MOBAs, Rogue-likes, and fighting games. He’s also an avid CCG and Table top gamer with a constantly growing collection. Aside from that Vincent likes to spend time in pursuit of the best TV shows, movies and books he can experience.

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