Let’s Play: Nelo

The Most Promising Sci-fi Action Shooter of 2016

Let's Play: Nelo

We backed Nelo in their now successful Kickstarter campaign (congratulations guys) and since their demo is available for free download we decided to show off the game a little bit. The dynamic duo behind this action packed, hyper speed sci-fi adventure called Nelo, are Kevin Bryant and Michelle Morger, the lead developers and co founders of Magic and Mirrors. They’ve built this third person shooter with the help of the Unreal Engine 4, apparently inspired by retro shooters like Robotron 2084 and Geometry Wars.

Nelo looks awesome: in my humble opinion, this game has a concept, a story and gameplay worthy of a big box studio.

Although the developers are trying to build a multiplayer version of this game, you can now play it solo and in endurance mode via a free teaser they released during their kickstarter campaign. There, you can experience something that really sets Nelo apart: you can smoothly and seamlessly transition from a third person perspective  (which can be a little confusing when you are destroying hordes of enemies) to a map view of the game which makes the slaughterhouse completely comprehensible al la top-down shooter.  Grab the latest demo here.

nelo protagonist

A Total Badass

Nelo is a total badass.  Nelo is pissed off alien Doctor Octopus in a mech suit, trained to be one mean killing machine.  He’s wielding shotguns with his mechanical arms at a hyper-speed and able to shield, dodge, and triple-jump off of walls. Definitely the type of guy that you would want avoid eye contact with.

Remember that Nelo is still under development and some changes might happen, but for the time being this is the plot: Nelo is marooned on a planet, accompanied only by angry flying AI killing robots called the Nightsithe. However, Nelo is handling that beef like Rorschach from Watchmen, kicking ass and taking names. Or serial numbers.  Or hard drives.  Or…okay I’ll stop now.

I’m not locked up in here with you. You’re locked up in here with me.

Nelo may seem challenging, and honestly, at first it is.  However, the moment you get in a rampage mode and start slaughtering those AI SOBs (check out the pic down below), you’re hooked. If you need more details on the actual story behind Nelo (which is impressive) you can read more about it on Magic & Mirrors Kickstarter campaign.  We’ll be bringing you more as the game unfolds, so stay tuned!

Nelo GorgonSkullRender


The campaign ended successfully yesterday, and while we loved all the stretch goals that M&M offered, we were super excited about the multiplayer. This goal, regretfully, wasn’t reached, but we are sure that once the game gets out multiplayer is bound to happen. For now, we can enjoy 10 instead of 5 maps. Can’t wait to try them out!

Play With Us

That totally came out wrong. What I meant to say was – if you like our streams, and you are making space games as cool as Nelo here, guess what – we love playing space games. Hit us up and we will give you our honest opinion about your game. It’s like inviting us to criticize your work. We love it.

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