Merritt aka StompyGirl

Hello there! I'm Merritt and I love to play games! I don't only play space games but I sure have an obsession for Star Citizen. When I'm not playing, streaming or writing about games I am working my 'day job' as a marine biologist. Watch me stream live on Wens & Sun @ 8c :)

Preview: Galactic Echoes

Before it's official release, check out our inside preview of Galactic Echoes, an amazing story-driven space puzzle game that keeps you wanting more. Available for PC, iOS, Android, and more soon!

Preview: Moonshot

Moonshot is an arcade style game that delivers the laughs. Tiny tanks and trick shots with gravity makes Moonshot a must for fans of co-op. Understanding gravity isn't just about apples now!


Mike and Merritt bring you the final part of our PAX East 2016 indie space game coverage. In this installment, every game we’re featuring is available for purchase now, so come take a look!

PAX Indie Space Game Showcase Part 2

in Part 2 of our PAX East indie space games coverage, we bring you the scoop on the games currently in early access: Moonshot, Astroneer, Planetoid Pioneers, and Starcrawlers. Come take a look now!

PAX Indie Space Game Showcase Part 1

PAXEast 2016 featured a massive indie game scene with 13, count them, 13 indie space games; and we met with the developers behind every one to bring you the scoop! Part 1 covers games under development

Into the Stars Review

Into the Stars is an open world/sandbox spaceship command simulator that puts you in the captain's chair, leading the last of humanity away from Earth and towards an unknown planet. Will you make it?

The Red Solstice Review

The Red Solstice is a tactical, top down shooter where you control a marine fighting aliens on Mars. Featuring a single player campaign and an 8-player co-op, you definitely have to work for your kills!

Shallow Space Preview

Watch us play Shallow Space: Insurgency, a 3D space RTS by Special Circumstances Games & Studios. One of the best pre-releases of the last year, it’s available on Steam. Final version drops in August.

Review: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K. Dick

Ever seen Bladerunner? Well, if you have or haven't this book was the premise. Check out the review and see how this book stands on it's own two feet when compared to the movie.

Star Citizen – From the beginning to now (Part 2)

The continuation of your introduction to Star Ctitizen! Come on! You know you want to click it!

STAR CITIZEN – From the beginning to now (Part 1)

Don't know what they hype is about with Star Citizen? We have spelled it out for you here!

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