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Brace for impact! Blackbird Interactive dropped a teaser trailer for the long awaited Homeworld:Shipbreakers and it’s looking good. It’s all there: the familiar atmosphere which we all know and love, the recognizable design of the creators that we all admire, and the fact that this game is officially announced as a prequel of the Homeworld saga makes all the fans quiver.

Let me remind you that we’ve waited a decade for the new Homeworld game to hit the stores, and since the announcement of this sequel back in 2013 we haven’t heard that much about it. Finally a solid proof that our hopes weren’t in vain! Take a look at this majestic trailer and tell me that you don’t want to get a piece of that action right now!

Some fans might feel a little bit anxious because of the obvious change of surroundings, but here at FoH we firmly believe that our beloved developers won’t betray us and will deliver a storyline that will honor the Homeworld mythology. Since Gearbox granted Blackbird Interactive the rights to develop this sequel under the official Homeworld trademark, both parties have been pretty silent about the whole thing and we are really excited and impatient to find out more. Last week, at the Unite 2015 conference in Boston, we had a chance to sneak a peek at the actual game-play too.

Of course, Fists of Heaven will cover the development of this story as we wait for the official release to sweep us off our feet. While waiting, we’ve signed up the beta-testers form on the BBI website, and you should do so as well. Feels like we are one step closer to home.

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