Interstellar Messages Part 2: Prank Calls

To elaborate on our previous article, where we established how attention needy we actually are, in the following sections we will address some of the messages received from the outer space this far, and express how clueless our brightest minds are.

Please be advised that this somewhat humorous tone of the content doesn’t mean that we are not dealing with serious matters. Some of the signals received, which we will present down below, are actual documented recordings that we simply cannot explain. Because this list is a short one, I would personally enjoy reading more about this subject, so feel free to provide some research material in the comments section. Now let’s get back to that witty style that always helps us to comprehend frightful thoughts.

Missed Calls


Imagine the predicament we would find ourselves in, if They (an extraterrestrial life form) would finally land one day on our planet, outraged because we are not answering their calls. If you’ve read our article about the Fermi Paradox, or one of the many others online which suggest the same thing, you will have no trouble following up on the idea that we are actually descendants of alien species. Knowing that, facing our alien parents after millenniums of not answering their calls could really be a troublesome task, to say at least. Even all factors are there: they would be disappointed, furious, but glad we are here, I just cannot imagine how grounding would look like.

On the other hand, there are some suggestions that we’ve already received and translated messages from distant galaxies, and allegedly, those were SOS signals from an alien race. The only thing that should frighten us more than the possibility of existence of an advanced life form, is the very thought that we are that advanced life form and others are looking to us for help. Of course, there is a strong possibility that there are lesser evolved species, but if they have the technology to reach us, and ask us for help, we should definitely send a respond in the words of Albert Einstein:

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.

Before we start reviewing the most popular references of every SETI enthusiast, let’s also address this honorable mentioning of outer space messages. As you can see for yourself, a pair of radio operators picked up a few signals, just four months before Yuri Gagarin traveled successfully to outer space. This doesn’t concern our subject at hand, but it is certainly a food for thought. Now let’s examine that call list.

Lorimer Burst

In 2007, a signal of an unknown origin was emitted and lasted for only 5 milliseconds, but that emission was so powerful and vast that it stretched across an unusually wide range of frequencies. Just one wave, 5 milliseconds long, and then lost forever. This, so far unexplained game of hide and seek, puzzles astronomers and scientist even today, especially because Lorimer maybe was the first signal of this kind, but certainly not the last one.

The initial explanation of scientists on Lorimer’s burst was – “something went boom.” But today, even more evidence of this outer galaxy signals is being recorded, so since the emission is of a repetitive form, our guess at this moment is good as anyone else’s. Maybe we’ve put our phone on vibrate, and that’s all we can hear: short emissions of extraterrestrials that are looking for us through the darkness of the universe.

Radio Source shgb02+14a

Now here is an interesting story about the kid and a rock. Imagine a child wandering through the wilderness, looking for an adventure. Then, a child stumbles upon a rock, a big and interesting one. Curious as it is, a child picks up a rock and looks underneath, just to find the thing it dreaded the most. That’s almost an appropriate analogy of the Radio Source shgb02+14a. Now let’s elaborate on that one.

At 2003, astronomers were looking for a signal with the help of now famous Arecibo radio telescope, and picked up a transmission that we simply cannot explain.  Coming from the source that is located somewhere in the constellations of Pisces and Aries, the signal is now recorded on three different occasions. The signal is weak, but it is there, no one can deny it, and we don’t even have to mention that we have absolutely no idea whatsoever what that might be.

Wow Signal

Our last but not least: the first reference of any astronomer, and a fearsome thought that kept us up late for numerous nights. On August 15, back in 1977, a man called Jerry R. Ehman was searching through the darkness, looking for any evidence of an extraterrestrial life form, and although his search had been already a long one, persistence provides results. The wow signal probably is a form of a communication from an alien life form, we cannot be sure of course, but the evidence is an obvious one, and a strong one.

The famous name of this signal is the work of its discoverer. When Jerry R. Ehman detected this transmission, which lasted for full 72 seconds, and because of its strength, its duration, faced with a concept that the message was sent from the unknown depths of the universe, and received by him, Jerry simply reacted as any other human being would, and wrote down only one word, right next to the recording. The word is, of course:


Feeling like we are not alone? Who knows, maybe there is a world of troubles for us out there, so keep looking at the sky!

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