Homeworld Patch Date Released!

Homeworld Remastered Patch Date!

June 7th!!!  For a huge behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming patch, check out our interview with the Gearbox Homeworld team here.

I REALLY hope that fans take a minute to play the game at 2.0. HW1/HW2/MP. Come at it with fresh eyes, etc. – Dave Eaton

And more, from Dave Eaton, the patch’s lead programmer: “That said, I think that with all of the new systems and tools you’re going to see Mods do some really exciting stuff. It’ll take a while for them to get there, but the results are going to be worth the wait.

I equally hope that Mod authors see value in taking time to refine their gameplay and design decisions with respect to what we’ve added/changed. ‘Old’ choices run the very large risk of making no sense given the way systems in this patch interoperate. A major gameplay Mod that ends up in the public hands before… I dunno, August? Is probably rushed and an unbalanced mess; or just loaded with edge-cases and exploits. That, or many features have been gutted and systems neutered to reduce the complexity of their workload.”

Now, some formation eye candy (in 4k!) courtesy of Gearbox:

Homeworld Remastered - Screenshot - Kushan Fleet - Gearbox
Homeworld Remastered - Screenshot - Taiidan Fleet - Gearbox
Homeworld Remastered - Screenshot - Vaygr Fleet - Gearbox
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