Homeworld Merchandise?

Gearbox Mentions Homeworld Merchandise

Our store team is exploring options for Homeworld Merch…

Jeff Skaal, Gearbox

Ever since an inside-out Homeworld T-shirt was seen in a Battleborn walkthrough video (see below) those of us active on the Gearbox Homeworld Forums have been ‘requesting’ (fervently salivating for?) Homeworld merchandise.

Well, we might be in luck: Gearbox’s Community Manager Jeff Skaal mentioned in this post that the “[Gearbox] store team is exploring options for Homeworld Merch”!  As someone who’s currently designing flight suit cosplay outfits, I don’t need to say that I’m stoked about this!

Here’s a screenshot of the original post by Jeff:

Homeworld Merchandise Gearbox Post

I should stress that he does say “exploring options”, but here’s hoping!

Homeworld T-Shirt Spied In This Video:

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