Homeworld & Gearbox Apparel For Sale!

Homeworld Schwag…yes please

Gearbox has put up two Homeworld hoodies on Amazon (in black and blue).  I say ‘hells yes’ to anything Homeworld related, but I’m not going to lie – I’d love to see more, and with more artistical variations.  However, we can’t be too hard on the GB guys, because they’re game devs – product production and distribution just isn’t their specialty.  So let’s all show them some support and hopefully that will lead to more Homeworld goodies (and maybe they’ll bring someone on board for product marketing…maybe I’d better dust off my resume!)

Homeworld Apparel Sale

The goods:

Homeworld Hoodie – Blue

Homeworld Hoodie – Black

The links:

Get half off (price updated in cart) until Feb 13th (US time)!

Homeworld Hoodie – Blue
Homeworld  Hoodie – Black
Gearbox T-shirt – Short Sleeve
Gearbox T-shirt – Long Sleeve

Pics of me modeling the hoodie with my Blue Steele face coming soon.  Be afraid.

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