This beautiful 3D space shooter is still set to drop in the late 2016. While some of us will have to wait for the next Christmas to take a shot at this game, backers of Everspace on Kickstarter will have the opportunity to try out the Alpha version as early as March 2016.

At this moment, Everspace and ROCKFISH Games successfully raised €420,252 with 10,739 backers. That’s a lot of backers and a lot of people that will get the opportunity to test out this thing of beauty so don’t feel jealous – feel generous and join the club.

We got an interview from Michael Schade, the CEO and Co-Founder of ROCKFISH Games and he will shine some light on the project exclusively for the FoH community. So fellow spacegame lovers, without further delay I bring to you the man of the hour – Michael Schade.

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This game is currently in Steam Greenlight and you guys have a Kickstarter going on pretty well. Can you tell us more about the experience with the campaign this far and a little bit more about the game itself?

everspace michael schade

Yes, we’ve been Greenlight on Steam after less than 2 weeks with 89% yes votes and we’ve been staff picked on Kickstarter, with our campaign going very strong! The game will be a whole new breed of space game that’s never been seen before – A rogue like space shooter with top-notch visuals & audio, a distinct art style and non-linear storytelling.

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I have to point out that those art/visuals look impressive! We’re big on space art here at FoH and the Everspace screenshots look fantastic. It’s almost as if Ralph McQuarrie decided to have a go at the UT engine. Can you tell us about the art and visuals process you guys used? Anyone/thing in particular inspired the visuals?

Everspace - Screenshots - Dark Space - Rockfish Games

Wow, thanks for the compliment! Ralph MqQuarrie, what a big name! We aim at setting us apart from all the other space games and not being overly realistic, which also gives us a lot of creative freedom and lets us get the most out of Unreal Engine 4. It was our desire that it fits the arcadey character of the game with all its bright colors and flashy details and just makes you want to dive right into the action. One of the more recent influences was Guardians of the Galaxy. We will gladly upload some of the concept art used in our videos and the campaign for you.

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What can you tell us about the Rockfish, and what caused you guys to make the jump from mobile (with Galaxy on Fire) to PC? 

To cut a long story short – after being forced out of our previous studio we were able to sign a deal with a top publisher for a new-gen console game and kick-off ROCKFISH Games. Unfortunately the project didn’t go into full production, but it allowed us to get the old Galaxy On Fire gang back together and they’re more than enthusiastic about having received the opportunity to go big on PC and console with Unreal Engine 4.

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Ok, and for the very end – will there be a physical collector’s edition, preferably with some art? Because we really hope so!

We thought about offering a physical edition as part of certain reward tiers on Kickstarter, but refused to do so, as it potentially costs us more than it earns us. However, this is still subject to change if there’s a big demand for it. We‘re currently offering a digital and a physical artbook to quench the thirst for art, though and we certainly won’t rule out having a collector’s edition once the campaign is successfully funded.

everspace michael schade

The FoH will continue to follow the latest news from the Everspace  in order to keep our readers informed about this amazing game that we can’t wait to test out. We will also continue to follow the ROCKFISH games and support their work.
FoH would like to say one big thank you to Michael and invite our readers to support Everspace on Kickstarter.

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Michael Maddox is Editor-in-Chief at Fists of Heaven, and can be reached at mike [at] fistsofheaven.com

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