George Ilich

George is an avid blogger, a fiction writer in his own spare time, a content marketer during the day and a manager of the FoH website. A book nut, a movie nut and everything space nut, who loves to talk about himself in third person. He's awesome.

The Worst Space Movies Ever

As a self-proclaimed expert on Sci-Fi, and movies in general (I’m probably the only guy who claims to be such a thing, right?), I am about to unleash a series of profanities and rants about my least favorite Sci-Fi flicks that I’ve ever watched.

Limit Theory: A Truly Unbound Space Sim

For ye of little faith, we will once again go through the basics of Limit Theory to get you more familiar with LT. Including the latest updates from Limit Theory's creator, Josh Parnell, and more about the current stage of development.

Descent: Removed from GOG

GOG had to remove Descent 1,2 and 3 from its catalog, and although the DRM-free platform allows gamers to keep their progress intact, purchasing a new copy is currently not possible. Don't despair, Descent: Underground is still available.

Homeworld LEGO Awesomeness

We are about to present you some of the breathtaking Homeworld LEGO models that will transport you back to your childhood! If you love building Homeworld LEGO models yourself, you might find some inspiration in the amazing work of our artists.

Time Tracking: The First Astronomers (part one)

The practice of time tracking is older than you think. Learn more about the very first astronomers known to mankind.

The Incal: A True Work of Art

This work of art is one of the best investments for holiday season, to snuggle up with a cup of joe and a dip into the madness which is The Incal.

Mercury Music: The Symphony of the Planets

If you don’t mind me discussing the battles of gods and demons, I would like to tell you more about the music of the Mercury.

Cthulhu: The Story Beyond the Myth

Howard Philips Lovecraft managed to reach the darkest corners of our souls and sculpt our deepest fears into an universal design that we can all relate to when we think about evil.

The Martian Review by a Prometheus Fan

While some of us are anxiously counting the days to the release date of the Prometheus sequel, the good guy Ridley Scott is keeping himself busy promoting his latest creation – the astonishingly successful motion picture which you’ve probably heard about.

Are we alone in some other universe?

Multiverse is not a theory, but more of a consequence of our understanding of physics so far

Small but mighty: The Dwarf Planets

Scientist say that there are potentially200 objects in our Solar System that may be classified as dwarf planets, but so far they’ve classified just five – Ceres, Eris, Pluto, Makemake and Haumea.

Sci-Fi Flicks:Who’s Your Favorite Android?

The reason I love androids in movies is because movies featuring these characters doesn't necessarily revolve around their stories, but they often question what it means to be human, and what distinguishes us from androids. Who's your favorite android?

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