Oculus Rift

EVE Valkyrie: Before it goes Live

CCP’s next AAA title, EVE Valkyrie has, at this point – all. Including Oculus Rift support. Is it going to be a revolutionary, genre-bending title? I hope so, but there are caveats like microtransactions & barriers…

The Future of Gaming: VR, AR and Whatnot

Oculus Rift, Wii U, eye tracking devices, GaaS, AR systems and more reasons why I feel incompetent and challenged when faced with the future of gaming. What does the future hold for how we play?

EVE Valkyrie: Alpha Testing Starts This Month

Alpha testers get ready for launch - EVE: Valkyrie is dropping this month! EVE: Valkyrie is the next game in the EVE franchise, featuring competitive PvP space sim combat in 3D, exclusively on the Oculus rift. EVE in virtual reality? Yes, please.

The Rift between Oculus and Hololens

An imagining of some of the uses for the exciting VR and AR technology which will soon be strapped to your head, as you play your favourite games.

EVE Valkyrie Looks Awesome – but is the Oculus Rift?

EVE Valkyrie, an upcoming space combat sim looks awesome - but is 'made for VR' a good idea?

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